steve jobs, 1955-2011

I never had a “computer” at home. Many years ago, a friend offered my mother one as a Christmas gift. I knew a machine was coming, I just didn’t know which one would be. When we opened the wrapping, we found a first generation iMac. I immediately hated it, as I longed for a PC and the chance of playing games at home  and exchanging them with my friends. Now I just had that flashy, useless big thing.

After those negative first impressions, we all had to get used to it. And we did it so well, that we – myself, my brother and my mother – never owned another brand of computer since that date. It has been a lifetime of Apples.

Yesterday, the man that masterminded the company behind this keyboard died, after a long fight against illness. His legacy, however, is and will be around us for many years, both in the products Apple keep conceiving, as in the example of entrepreneurship, vision, and daring spirit, inspiring the crazy ones to keep thinking different.

Steve Jobs, R.I.P.