I’ve been working in the transport sector for more than twelve years, assigned to different areas and activities under the port environment, such as site lease, concessions, operations, planning, and commercial issues. For most of the time, I’ve been affiliated with the Port of Sines Authority, where I currently hold the position of Logistics and Site Lease Manager. In addition, I’ve been involved in other projects as independent port consultant and trainer.

Some years ago, a friend asked me how I got involved with ports and transport and I could not find an answer.The fact that I love ships may explain it a bit. My grandfather lived most of his days in one. Nevertheless, I guess I’m still trying to figure it out.

That search has moulded my educational path and has taken me to Lisbon, to Rotterdam, to Geneva, and back to Lisbon, where I’m pursuing research for a PhD in Transportation Systems at Instituto Superior Técnico. The editorial prospectus of this website, which you can find here, explains the rest.

Apart from ports, ships and other elegant stuff, I spend my time listening to LCD Soundsystem, cooking, and practicing sports until exhaustion.

You are most welcome to follow me through this website or, if you wish, to find me on the networks listed at the right frame, under “Still Me”. My e-mail address is there, as well. I can also be found sailing every Sunday on the Cascais coast.

Thanks a lot & have fun.