back to school

I had my second supervision appointment yesterday, in a Friday entirely spent at IST. It’s good to be back to the school and being able to spend an entire day there, working for the project. It sure was productive.

The appointment went very well and we discussed many questions, including the draft version I had submitted this week. I got very good tips and ideas from my supervisor, which I’ll try to put in practice while preparing the thesis project. Otherwise, I’ll leave them for the research phase, as my deadline is approaching fast and I’m not sure whether I’ll have time to read & write everything I should.

This means I’ll have a busy weekend and busier times ahead – which means a balanced mix of work and sailing must be in place. And since that the weatherman is kind today, a Laser sailing afternoon is already scheduled.

Fair winds and following seas. Have a nice weekend.

article of the day

“Maritime Transportation: Drivers for the Shipping and Port Industries”
by Jean-Paul Rodrigue
OECD/ITF, International Transport Forum 2010, Forum Papers, 2, 2010

This article was already queueing for same time and that was a mistake. It’s a very good article introducing the main drivers of change in the transport system and, building on that, suggesting some emerging patterns for maritime transport.