summer break

Unfortunately, I was forced to do a Summer break in the Algarve, due to health reasons involving my father. All appears to be getting back on tracks, but it has been some anxious days these ones.

Although a side of my family is originally from the Algarve, I don’t come here that often.

These days I don’t feel like working for my thesis at the end of the day, not after spending most of it at the hospital, so I usually stroll in places I used to play at during my childhood.

Data & Stats

A new menu was added to the site. I felt the need to do it after finding myself, for several times, looking around for ‘that link’, ‘that database, ‘those stats’ and never remembering the right link (or not being able to find it in my bookmarks).

In the ‘Data & Stats’ menu, you will find several interesting stuff, from general purpose stats and databases to transport-specific indices and indicators. I tried to group them in meaningful, yet simple sections, which I’ll try to improve over time. Enjoy.

maersk manifesto

As it was widely reported on the news, Maersk  released recently its The New Normal manifesto,  where emphasis is placed on reliability, automation and environmental awareness, the supposed keys to the future, according to the Danish company. There’s no doubt it will be on the radar for the coming times, and it will be interesting listening to the opinions of shippers and Maersk competitors.

Here is Eiving Kolding’s statement, Maersk Line CEO.